Darryl Stanley


arryl came into the winery a few months after we first opened. He admits to passing by the winery form months scared to come in. He was

afraid that a winery just down the street from his house wouldn’t be any good but was happily surprised.

I remember the day he came in. Lisa was at the bar and the winery was empty. I was in the back washing out barrels and heard him come in. Back in the beginning, we didn’t get a lot of customers so Lisa was excited.

I overheard Lisa talking about the wines and him asking questions as he tasted our wine. I was in the back apologizing for the loud sound of the power washer. After 20 minutes or so, Lisa came into the back with eyes the size of saucers and “happy hands” (that’s when you shake your hands in excitement) and she said, “He just bought a CASE of wine!” That was our first case we sold, I guess you never forget your first. She then calmly waked back and continued her conversation with Darryl.


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