Steve Briggs


few months after the winery opened, Steve wondered in for a tasting; he had just come from working out a few doors down. I

was the only one in the winery and we chatted about this and that while he had his tasting. A few days later he came back and had a glass of wine. This went on for a few months and then he disappeared.

Since we had an informal friendship and he broke the pattern, I wondered where he had gone. As it turned out he was battling round 3 of the big C, but eventually, he returned and has never left (just joking)

Steve began to help me with the winemaking and has become a good trusted friend. He knows all about winemaking and wine. He often serves as the “crew chief” when I am on the road getting things done and prepared. We have shared many good conversations over a glass or two of wine and he is often hanging out at the winery making wine, talking to people or listening to music which he loves.

He has even gathered a small group of people who come into the winery to practice guitar and to have some fun. So, if you see Steve, introduce yourself to him. He is really a great guy.


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