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Wine Blending Party Creation
Wine Blending Party Creation

They say that winemaking is part science and part art and the artistry shows while blending. We are offering wine blending parties for you and will be blending wines to serve in the tasting room.

You might already know that each wine and each wine growing region have specific characteristics. The French call this “Terroir”. By understanding these differences, winemakers can blend different wines together to produce some extraordinary blends that are far superior to the individual wine. This is what we will be exploring.

You have to check out this Wine Blending Party class where you and your friends explore the world and artistry of blending wines. We will get you started with at least 3 different wines. We will explore how each one tastes, the texture, the finish and identify where the individual wine could use some improvement. Maybe the wine needs a longer finish, or more fruit characteristics up front. Maybe it is too tannic or a little flat due to lack of acid. Or maybe it just isn’t your perfect blend.

We will first try a standard recipe just to get the hang of it, then you are off on your own to create the perfect blend. Heck, you might even win a Gold metal with your creation. During your wine blending party you could also challenge each other to see who will create the perfect blend. We will pull out the beakers, the test tubes and graduated cylinders and let you have a go at it. Nibble on some meat, cheese, crackers and fruit while you mix and master the perfect blend.

Once you have the blend perfected, we can make up a few cases of wine for you and add your own private label. Now how cool is that! Check out the details HERE

Grab some friends, come learn, explore and hang out with us for your own private wine blending party.