Basic Wine Making



Years ago, I thought wine came from the grocery store. Yea I knew wine was from grapes, but didn’t have a clue on how grapes are transformed into an elixir that can cost $10,000’s and be coveted, hidden in caves and possibly never opened. I just grabbed my bottle off the shelf and away I went; not any more!

pumpDuring this two hour long class we will enjoy a glass of wine and learn all about how grapes are transformed into different wine styles. We will talk about how white wine, red wine and sparkling artisan wines are produced. You will get to see and touch the actual equipment we will be using during harvest to produce our wines.

We will talk about harvesting, fermentation, cap management, malolactic fermentation, pressing, barrel aging, fining, finishing and bottling. We will touch on how the various steps are managed, monitored and tested. We will talk about many of the wine making choices that must be make during the process and how these will change the character and style of the wine. Cost is $30 per person which includes a glass of wine. SIGN UP HERE

pressThis class is a prerequisite for the Hands on Class where you can gain practical experience by working in a working winery. You can sign up for a two hour shift to punch-down, perform tests and measurements, press the wine, or rack wine from one barrel to another. After your class you can sit back and relax with glass of wine which is included in your course fee. To complete your experience you can return next summer to participate in fining, finishing and bottling.

Time slots are limited, so please sign up early. Cost is $5 and includes a glass of wine which can be redeemed during normal business hours.

We are anticipating starting production on September 7th

and will continue until approximately November 7th.

We are planning on punching down 4x per day from 5:30-7:30, 11:00-1:00, 5:00-7:00 and the midnight shift from 10:00-12:00. For each punch-down we have 3 important skills being taught:

  • Punch-Down, Pump-Over and Delestage
  • Fermentation Measurement and Testing
  • Preparation, Organization, Cleaning and Sanitation

All time slots are subject to change. Please send email stating which skill you wish to learn and which days and times you would like to attend.

We also are looking for people who wish to participate in a hands on Crush Class. During this class you will learn how to sort the grapes from the MOG, de-stem the grapes and prepare the grapes for fermentation which will include making initial must tests and adjustments. These classes will be scheduled on short notice when the grapes are scheduled to arrive at the winery.