Developing Taste

Wine pairing is not a mystery – it just requires a common sense

Introductory Level – 60 minutes

The basis of great food pairings

Our tongues provide us a simple means of developing wonderful and exquisite food pairs – fortunately, this is a simple process that anyone can easily learn.

Ever hear – “Pair chicken with white wines. Pair beef with reds”

Simple rules like this are often wrong

Simple generalized rules only work sometimes leaving you with a sometimes good food pairing. But once you understand the basics of food pairing, you will become a pro. What pairs with a PB&J sandwich? Take this class and you will be able to answer this question easily without having to memorize complicated charts and graphs or long lists of pairings – all by using your tongue!

“The key to Wine and Food pairing starts with listening to the tongue and what it is trying to say.”

The Zen winemaker

Class Includes:

A Bottle of White Wine for use in the class
A Bottle of Wine for After the class to enjoy
5 Flavor packets used in the class
Bread sticks to cleanse the palate
A Taste Pairing Meme refrigerator magnet
Unlimited access to the Virtual Class Video

The instructional video is approximately 45 minutes in duration and will easily guide you through this sensory experience. The kit includes enough materials for 2 people to learn together. Have more people? Order extra class kits.

Want to step it up?

For an additional couple of dollars, one of our trained staff can provide a live virtual class where you all can participate even if you are across the country!