Wine Maker Wine Blending Experience

Blending parties are a great way to explore wine and have a blast doing it. Heck, you might come up with the perfect blend and become famous!

If you want a private class you need at least 6 people or if you and a few friends want to join a scheduled class that’s great too.  You’ll meet new adventurous wine loving people. Everyone  acts as support, competitors and judges.Just schedule your party by emailing or calling us at 858.381.CORK

Each wine has strong points  yet may be lacking something. By blending two or more wines together one can create a uniquely new wine that makes one wine better than each wine would be on their own.

First we go through a guided tasting of each wine. We will teach you how to identify the primary characteristics of the wine;  explore the flavors, the mouth-feel, the attack and finish.

Once you have an overall understanding of each wine’s characteristics, we will guide you through a known recipe and demonstrate how by blending different wines, you can create a completely new wine with different characteristics.

Now that you understand how-to and why you blend wines, it will be your turn to blend. Using test glasses, graduated cylinders, pipets ( of the memories of Chemistry lab are rushing back)  and taste buds, you will create your very own blend. This is a lot of trial and error and sipping.

If your are competitive, you can even judge everyone’s blend and determine a winner or rate them just as Robert Parker would do.


Your party includes:

  • Space for 6-15 of your friends or new friends in a group class
  • Private instruction on tasting, wine evaluation and basic blending
  • 1 evaluation wine
  • 3 blending wines (reds)
  • Blending glasses, beakers, pipets and graduated cylinders
  • Evaluation sheets
  • Aroma reference sheets
  • Bread, cheese platter
  • Water
  • One 750 ml bottle of your blend with custom label

Price: $79 person

Group Blending Glasses

Check our calendar of event for regularly scheduled Group Blending Classes. This allows individuals and small groups to attend the class and become expert wine blenders.

Private Blending Classes

If you have between 6 and 15 people, then a great option is to book your own Private Blending class. (minimum 6 people)

Call 858-381-Cork (2675), email or stop by to RSVP or schedule your private party today!