Wine Futures

2017 Wine Futures

Big News – We are offering Wine Futures!

If you haven’t heard, Koi Zen Cellars is bursting at its seams and we are expanding.  Due to our growth of over 100% per year, we need more space, bigger equipment, and more grape contracts. Wine futures allow you to get involved and get some great perks.

This year we are planning on upgrading our press and destemmer along with purchasing a used forklift with a rotator.  Last year we processed 38,000 pounds of fresh grapes, this year, the goal is 100,000. With the addition of the new equipment, we will be able to easily to make all of the wine that you guys demand.

In addition to the new toys, we are physically expanding into the suite next to us which will almost triple our square footage.

Now all of this comes with a price and Koi Zen Cellars are pleased to introduce our Wine Futures Club.

Wine Futures:

  • Wine futures are a method where you buy wine before it is made or bottled at a discounted rate and receive the physical product sometime in the future as defined in the terms of the offering.
  • You do not need to specify which wine you are pre-purchasing and you are able to redeem wine of your choice.
  • Many of the investment options include additional gifts and special recognition.
  • At the higher levels you are also able to receive cash back opposed to taking your full wine allocation as repayment; and as always, our deepest gratitude for supporting us.

We are currently offering three opportunities to our club members:

Koi Zen Futures Club Levels

3 Case Futures:

  • $1000 investment
  • Receive 20% investment bonus
  • $1200 in wine vouchers available 1 year after investment.
  • Your choice of current release wines at retail price.
  • Sorry no club discounts apply since wine has been already discounted 20%

    Quarter Barrel Futures

  • $2,500 investment level
  • Receive 20% investment bonus
  • $3,000 in wine vouchers released at $1,000/yr starting 1 year after investment, sorry no club discounts apply.
  • An “investor” brass plate attached to a wall plaque prominently displayed in the tasting room with other ¼ barrel futures members.
  • Brass plate measures approximately 2”x4” engraved with your choice of text subject to review.

    Half Barrel Futures

  • $5,000 investment level
  • Receive 25% investment bonus
  • $6,250 in wine vouchers released at $1,250/yr starting 1 year after investment.
  • Sorry no club discounts apply
  • An “investor” plaque which is slightly smaller than the full plaque prominently displayed in cellar
    • Brass plaque approximately 3”x5” engraved with your choice of text on the plaque subject to review.
    • Receipt of a sanded, stained and finished barrel HEAD with top band and staves including your owner plaque attached delivered at end of term (5 years from initial purchase)

Please contact Darius directly for larger investment opportunities: