Original Video of Lucy

Our Video Collection – Enjoy

A Video of Lucy Stomping Grapes

We have been collecting little video clips for your enjoyment and our embarrassment (only kidding, we love acting silly)

On April 11th and 12th 2015 we assembled a small crew and had our first bottling run where we filled, corked, bottled and foiled 2204 bottles of wine. I so appreciate the team for what they accomplished and the great spirit that they brought to the task at hand.

So for your enjoyment we have the following videos for you.


The Corkers:

In this video, my dad (Jim Miller) and my wife (Lisa K/co-owner) are demonstrating the fine art of corking a bottle and acting a little goofy in the process. One gets this sense of accomplishment when the second bag of 1000 corks is empty.

Dad and Lisa Corking Video


The Filler:

My mom (Barbara Miller) got a kick out of bottling over 2000 bottles of wine on a 4 spout bottle filler. She brought her own sense of farm humor to the operation and explains how the process works. I hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed her attitude.

Mom: Bottles and Udders


A Spinner:

The little metal or plastic cap on a bottle of wine is called a capsule or a foil and there is a special machine that puts them on.  We call it a spinner, some call it a foiler. Here is Nina explaining how to properly foil a bottle of wine.

Nina: One Crazy Spinner


Lisa’s One Handed Foiling Selfie:

Everyone knows that Lisa K is a photo buff and she multitasks while shooting video of herself foiling a bottle of wine with one hand all while providing a full explanation of the process. She makes me so proud because she is so very talented.

Lisa’s Foiling Selfie


The Whole Bottling Line:

So now that you fully understand all of the pieces of bottling wine, here is a review of the whole process. So many thanks go out to everyone that helped. You will never know how blessed I am to have such wonderful family and friends.

The whole line