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White, Rose' & Sparkling Wines

Sonoma County 14%

Silver Medal Winner 2020 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition

Named ‘Inspired Hope’ to remind us brighter days are ahead just like this bright, light wine with hints of wild honeysuckle and fresh picked lemons and apples. Goes down easy on a warm day.


“New Beginning”

Santa Maria Valley 14.8%

Silver Medal Winner 2020 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition

As you enjoy this wine, think about what kind of ‘New Beginning’ you would like to create. What are your aspirations & dreams? What is motivating you on and what is holding you back? Each year the vine buds and produces a new crop of fruit. We all build a new future. We hope you find your new passion and realize your dreams.


Santa Maria Valley 15%

A non-oaked Chablis style wine fermented in stainless steel giving us an ideal dry white wine that is perfect with food. It is light on the palate with notes of flint, mineral and a lean crisp tingly finish. The high acidity cleanses the palate and easily pairs well with light white dishes such as chicken and fish.

2017 California Dessert wine  with its sweet honeysuckle flavors is perfect with cheese cake or soak fresh berries in a little of the wine and serve over vanilla ice cream. YUM!

This  elegant sparkling is off-dry with a kiss of sweet and notes of hibiscus flower, white peach, and ripe apricots. This elegant festive wine pairs with celebrations and best friends.  Serve chilled in a fluted glass.

End of Vintage(Limited supply) Available by the bottle only.

Santa Maria Valley 15%

Invention always follow need – and I needed to get the Chardonnay out of a stainless steel tank – why not store it in freshly emptied red wine barrels and let it age on the sediment for 4 month prior to bottling.

The wine has a copper color and full mouth feel and is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Only 24 cases produced and it is almost gone!

Paso Robles 15%

Gold Medal Winner 2019 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition

This intriguing wine is very deep and dark purple. The nose is rich with hints of black tea, dusty violets, iris, and a basket of ripe berries. The first sip opens with a bright flavorful punch of dark chocolate, berries and baking spices. The wine pairs well with cured meats, strong marinades and smoked, or strong cheeses.


Dry Creek Valley 13.8%

Our Pinot Noir is a collaborative project with the charity “Wine into Wings” whose mission is to provide free medical air transport to those in need. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of 200 cases will go directly to this cause. The wine is fresh, bright and light on the palate with hints of red fruit, strawberry, raspberry and a touch of spice. The finish is long, smooth and  velvety.

Our Trademarked  Barrel in a Bottle, this wine contains a toasted Oak stick, DO NOT EAT. It imparts oak flavor, instead of putting the wine in oak barrels, we put the oak int he bottle.  It imparts flavor for 3 weeks then sinks to the bottom of the bottle. It won’t hurt you, it’s like the worm in the tequila. LOL!

Red Wines

15.2% ALC by Vol

Imagine sitting in this hillside vineyard abundant sunshine warms your face with oak-studded grasslands all around. This is where the grapes grew. Pop the cork and see what they have become. Playful and smooth, this wine opens with black cherry, raspberry, blueberry, and light spice. Great for a picnic of aged cheeses, olives, and dried fruit.

Paso Robles 15.1%

If you want a big beautiful Syrah,
look no further. This wine is the
perfect finish at the end of a
long day when you need a
moment to yourself. Its ripe fruit
flavors with a touch of oak are
just the start, then a flourish of
tart cherry and dried cranberry
tingles the sense and you begin to
melt away the day. A piece of dark
chocolate is the perfect touch
to this wine’s long smooth finish.
Grab a glass and relax.

Lodi, California ABV 15.8%

In Lodi, about an hour south of Sacramento, the days are hot and the nights are cool which is exactly what Zinfandel grapes love! These grapes came from that beautiful wine region. This wine is juicy, jammy, and ready to get the party started! It’s packed with layers of flavors so if you love a BIG ZIN… try this one.

Dry Creek has been growing grapes for 140 years. There are 9,000 acres of vineyards in a 16 mile x 2-mile wide area. Known for excellent zinfandels, this wine is no exception. Some ZInfandels are big and bold, this is classy, sophisticated, silky and smooth. Ideal for a romantic evening, playful and a little bit spicy.

Grab and book and glass and settle into this bottle of wine. The mysterious first sip opens with a surprise of bright acidity dancing on your tongue. The plot thickens on the second sip with reveals a twist with its full flavors of dark ripe red plum, acai, and blackberry are revealed. It continues with delicate notes of vanilla and rose accented with a swirl of smoke. The complexity of the silky smooth wine keeps you wanting more.


Tasting Kits to Go!

Mixed Tasting Kit $29 + shipping

Want to sample Koi Zen Cellars at home, or have delivered to a friend?
This kit contains 5 popular wines each in an individual bottle. Selection varies.
2 white wines,
and 3 red wines.
Equivalent to 2 glasses of wine (250-300ml total). Grab a bunch of kits and have your own virtual tasting party with friends.
Its also a unique way to stay connected to your corporate team, family, and friends. Ask us about adding our winemaker or sommeliers on a live Virtual to guide the tasting flight with your group.


The Zen Winemaker Book

Written by Koi Zen Cellar's Winemaker

If you want to learn about wine, winemaking and about how a single grape can improve your life,this book is a MUST read. It is a motivational book that helps you find your passion in the context of making wine.

This book will help you
'Follow Your Dreams'
'Overcome Your Fears'

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Capture Your Wine Tasting Journy

This book will teach you the 'Zen Steps of Wine Tasting' written by Koi Zen Cellars owner and winemaker. Move from novice to master, or master to expert in a flash.

The easy to use format within these pages will boost your confidence, impress your friends, and allow you to record fond memories of your journey through the wonderful world of wine.

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Creamy Chocolate Truffles

The BIG 1.4 oz Truffles melt in your mouth and are only found at Koi Zen Cellars. They are made with honey from a small business in Wyoming! Try the variety of flavors - Dark on Dark, Midnight Gold, White Chocolate, Grandmas Fudge, Carmel and my favorite Peanut Butter. Sold individually for $3.50 or in a gift box of 3 for $12.75! Its the perfect accompaniment to our Big Red Wines.

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