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Happy Hour Wed & Thurs 3-6:30 pm Glasses $10

Not familiar with our wines?
Experience a TASTING FLIGHT  of 6 wines  $20
(One fee of $20 waived with the purchase of one  bottle. Two fees waived with purchase of two bottles.

White & Rose

Sonoma County 14%

Silver Medal Winner 2020 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition & 2022 SD Intl Wine Challenge)

Named ‘Inspired Hope’ to remind us brighter days are ahead just like this bright, light wine with hints of wild honeysuckle and fresh picked lemons and apples. Goes down easy on a warm day.

What happens when you take a red skinned grape and make it as a white wine then age it in a red wine barrel for 9 months? A tasty, complex and intriguing wine. Classic Pinot Gris but with layers of spice, complexity and tanning that pops with figs and strawberry.

“New Beginning”

Santa Maria Valley 14.8%

Silver Medal Winner 2020 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition

As you enjoy this wine, think about what kind of ‘New Beginning’ you would like to create. What are your aspirations & dreams? What is motivating you on and what is holding you back? Each year the vine buds and produces a new crop of fruit. We all build a new future. We hope you find your new passion and realize your dreams.


This Oak Chardonnay was born in stainless but we added a tiny oak stave into each bottle and allowed the oak favors to integrate. Our Barrel in a Bottle TM eco friendly sustainable practice uses only a fraction of  oak. Do not eat the stick.

End of Vintage(Limited supply) Available by the bottle only.

Red Wines

15.2% ALC by Vol

Imagine sitting in this hillside vineyard abundant sunshine warms your face with oak-studded grasslands all around. This is where the grapes grew. Pop the cork and see what they have become. Playful and smooth, this wine opens with black cherry, raspberry, blueberry, and light spice. Great for a picnic of aged cheeses, olives, and dried fruit.

Opens with a lightness that builds complexity and depth with each sip culminating in a rustic full-bodied wine. Swirling releases dark fruit, blueberry, dark cherry, and plum. The tannins are smooth and complex with a touch of dried herbs and clean, leaving your palate clean and refreshed. The perfect compliment to braised meats and hearty sides.

They say that Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of all wines and this one stands tall in that royal court. The nose is full of interest with layers of dark aromas. This smooth wine is  complex, deep and full-bodied with flavors of black cherry, black current and spice. The firm tannins compliment the bright acidity allowing it to pair with grilled meats and aged cheeses.

Grab and book and glass and settle into this bottle of wine. The mysterious first sip opens with a surprise of bright acidity dancing on your tongue. The plot thickens on the second sip with reveals a twist with its full flavors of dark ripe red plum, acai, and blackberry are revealed. It continues with delicate notes of vanilla and rose accented with a swirl of smoke. The complexity of the silky smooth wine keeps you wanting more.

Paso Robles 15.1%

If you want a big beautiful Syrah, look no further. This wine is the perfect finish at the end of a long day when you need a moment to yourself. Its ripe fruit flavors with a touch of oak are just the start, then a flourish of
tart cherry and dried cranberry tingles the sense and you begin to melt away the day. A piece of dark chocolate is the perfect touch
to this wine’s long smooth finish. Grab a glass and relax.

Lodi, California ABV 15.8%

In Lodi, about an hour south of Sacramento, the days are hot and the nights are cool which is exactly what Zinfandel grapes love! These grapes came from that beautiful wine region. This wine is juicy, jammy, and ready to get the party started! It’s packed with layers of flavors so if you love a BIG ZIN… try this one.

Our take on the Bordeaux Blend combining Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, and Petite Verdot. On the nose, one can sense red, black and blue fruits, with a touch of spice, herbs and candy. The flavors complement and are integrated with smooth rich tannins balanced by natural acidity.

50% Petit Verdot 50% Petite Sirah. Though not related these two wines blend perfectly delivering a unique full-bodied wine. The Verdot brings blueberry & Violet notes and firm tannins. The Sirah adds  dusty notes of black cherry, black pepper, and black tea thus creating complexity and structure.

SD Best Local Winery 2022


The Zen Winemaker Book

Written by Koi Zen Cellar's Winemaker

If you want to learn about wine, winemaking and about how a single grape can improve your life,this book is a MUST read. It is a motivational book that helps you find your passion in the context of making wine.

This book will help you
'Follow Your Dreams'
'Overcome Your Fears'

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Your Wine Tasting Journey

Written by Koi Zen Cellar's Winemaker

This book will teach you the 'Zen Steps of Wine Tasting' written by Koi Zen Cellars owner and winemaker. Move from novice to master, or master to expert in a flash.

The easy to use format within these pages will boost your confidence, impress your friends, and allow you to record fond memories of your journey through the wonderful world of wine.

Get your signed copy today for only $10

Hungry? We've got Chocolate and Cheese Plates

The BIG 1.4 oz Truffles melt in your mouth and are only found at Koi Zen Cellars. They are made with honey from a small business in Wyoming! Try the variety of flavors. Sold individually for $3.50 or in a gift box of 3 for $12.75! Its the perfect accompaniment to our Big Red Wines.

Need a little nibble? Select from our assorted Artisan cheeses. We'll add almonds, apricots, honey or jam, chocolate, crackers and bread sticks. $14.99

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