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Oak-Barrels-Construction_unfinished__IMG_8758-320x480Wine can be stuffy, but not here.

We love wine.

We love learning about wine.

We love sharing wine with friends, family and food.

We love taking the stuffiness out of wine and want to provide a place where you feel welcome, relaxed and can enjoy life for a moment. This could be by sampling our offerings, having a glass with your friends or by engaging in some of our events or offerings.

We are always here to welcome you and to answer any questions you may have from how to choose a bottle of wine, or learning the difference between an acid and a tannin. Or, what wine goes best with Mac&Cheese on a Tuesday night?

Remember: Life is short and sometimes you just need to “Sip back and Relax.”

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Private Tastings:

small_emblemThere is always something very special and personal when you get to sit down with friends in a private setting with one of our knowledgeable staff and sample wine. We will lead you on a path of discovery and allow you to explore all of the nuances between different vintages, varietals, regions and pairings. Private tastings are typically held when the winery is quiet and not open to the public. This allows us to focus on your special needs and wants. You also have the opportunity for “special offerings” such as a barrel tasting or a winery tour. Call us to book your own special private tasting.


Meetups, Meetings and Retreats:

small_emblemHow many meetings have you attended where barrels and tanks filled with wine flank the walls? The coolness in the air, the smells of wine sleeping in barrels permeates the air and the mouth waters in anticipation of the festivities. No more drop ceilings, bad artwork on the walls and sticky carpeting. We can provide you a unique space that will definitely be unlike the traditional boring meeting.


Group Classes:

small_emblemWe love to learn and to help others understand the fascinating world of wine. We offer a wide range of classes at all levels that allow you to experience different aspects of wine and to help you round out your understandings. We offer beginner classes to help you understand the difference between types of grapes and styles of wine though hands on advanced wine making experiences. The more you understand something, the less intimidating it is and often as you gain mastery, your enjoyment also increases. Learning keeps the mind young and agile.


Private Classes:

small_emblemWe offer small private classes for you and your guests. We can provide you with any of our group classes in a private setting or even in your home; or we can custom design an educational experience just for you. Suppose you want an entire class on pairing wine and chocolate (with samples of course) for you and your other 7 best buds. What a great way to spend some time with your friends and learn something new. The universe of topics is endless and let us work together to create an enjoyable educational experience just for you.


Blending Parties:

small_emblemSo you think you have what it takes to be a master blender, or you want to have fun and experiment with blending. It’s so much fun and can get quite competitive between friends crafting the perfect mix of different varietals. See if your friends vote your blend as the best and win the gold medal. We will provide you all of the materials required and provide simple instruction to get you going. If you like your blend, you can even have a custom lot made just for you including your own private label!


Private Label:

small_emblemNot many people in the world have their own private label on a world class bottle of wine, but you can. Show off your special blend or celebrate an important event with your own custom created label. How many restaurants in the area offer custom created wine? Express your personality and let us help you customize the perfect label for you. You can  order just a few bottles or a truck load of cases. Volume and trade discounts may apply.


Private Events:

small_emblemDon’t have the deep pockets to build your own winery? So, why not rent one for your special event? We host all kinds of events from birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, or a “What the heck it’s Friday” party with your friends. Need entertainment? Add a class or make it a Blending Party. Just give us a call at 858.822.8061 to talk about your ideas.


Winemaker Program:

small_emblemSo you want to be an actual winemaker but don’t want to fork out the huge dollars to buy the equipment, then this program might be right for you. We will help you, guide you and walk you through the process of turning grapes into world class wine. We will help you understand the various options available to you and will provide you any guidance you might need. You will be able to taste your wine direct from the barrel, make corrections, watch it mature and call the shots on bottling, corking and labeling. Just think of the cost and mess you will save but still have your own ultra-premium wine!


Our schedule fills up fast so don’t delay. Give us a call if you have any questions or want to discuss details.  We are always here to help you.