Benefits of Massage – Over a Glass Eps 4

Is Massage just a Luxury or

are there Medical benefits of Regular Massages?


By: Rachel Zolot -Lead Massage Therapist

Presented On: April 6th, 2017

We welcome Rachel Zolot who is the lead Massage Therapist at Massage Heights to provide her massage therapy expertise and to discuss why this isn’t a luxury item, but a foundational piece that should be part of everyone’s life.

Massage can help us reduce stress, increase blood circulation, lengthen and stretch our muscles, calm the spirit and remove pent up blockages and toxins in our systems. Together we explore best practices, dealing with body image (or noises), nudity, comfort and the various styles of massage.

We also discuss how to communicate with your therapist to receive the maximum benefit and how therapists are professionally trained to serve and nurture using this most basic form of human contact for medical benefits.

Let’s listen to what Rachel can teach us: