Raise a Glass Sip & Support Fundraising

Raise a glass for your Organization.   On Sundays, at Koi Zen Cellars we will Raise a glass so you can raise money for your Organization.

  1. There is a $100 deposit check to secure the date. If your fundraiser is held, the deposit is refunded. If your scheduled fundraiser is canceled, the deposit will not be refunded
  2. It is the responsibility of the charity to advertise the fundraiser
  3. Charity is welcome to bring light appetizers for the fundraiser
  4. Charity is welcome to bring raffle prizes to the fundraiser
  5. Other alcohol is prohibited at the fundraiser due to our ABC license
  6. The charity may set up 30 minutes prior to the start of the event
  7. If tickets are presold, Koi Zen Cellars receives $6 for each tasting flight or first fundraiser glass of wine.
  8. The charity must provide the name that check is to be written to, and must pick up the check at the winery.
  9. The charity must provide a copy of their 5013C paperwork prior to the event.
  10. Koi Zen Cellars will have an email sign-in sheet that all fundraiser guests must sign to receive follow up coupon.
  11. Fundraisers are 21 and over events, unless otherwise approved by Koi Zen Cellars
  12. Koi Zen Cellars will donate back 20% of full price wine sales and up to 20% of member discounted wine sales PLUS 1/2  of the first glass or tasting ( that is $6 for each first glass or tasting flight)

Contact events@KoiZenCellars.com or call 858-381-CORK (2675) we will get you started.