A Dad Hug – Trip to Kelowna

Our trip to Kelowna BC Canada!

When your daughter says she needs a hug, you just have to drop what you are doing and go give her one; even if she is 1,296 miles away.

Here is a little montage of our quick trip from Spokane up to Kelowna British Columbia Canada and back for a quick overnight trip.

Two days of rain in the forecast and a 6 hour road trip to get there.

We saw rain, and more rain and then some more rain.

That is until we hit the snow!

Here is Miranda, my little girl who needed a hug.

We finally got to Kelowna which sits on the East bank of the Okanagon Lake which is 83 miles long.

We stayed at the best accommodations possible (Days Inn LOL)

A highlight of the trip was our outing to Myra Canyon to visit the railroad tunnels and trestle bridges.

We hiked a few miles in the snow from Myra Station to Trestle #11.

The scenery was stunning and you can see 3 1/2 of the trestles in this picture

A few years ago a wildfire burned down almost all of the bridges which were rebuilt back to original plans by a group of dedicated volunteers, I am glad they put the energy into this project.

Miranda got her hug, and a few extra ones just in case.

It was a great trip.

March 13-15, 2017