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Koi Zen Cellars Craft Winery Overview

Thanks Lindsey O’Connor and Black Chip Studios

In 2015 we were voted #2 Best Winery in San Diego A+ awards, In 2017 we were Voted San Diego’s BEST Local Winery in the Union Tribune Readers Poll. We are humbled by this award. Thank you to all that voted for us and support all that we do.

We built Koi Zen Cellars not to make much money, but to make a community.

They say, “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” and we have a pretty fantastic tribe!

We wanted to create a place where people can come, relax and take a few moments to unwind and relax.

We are so blessed to meet so many new people and to see familiar faces return.

And we want to say special thanks to all of our Club Members who continually support us with kindness and conversation.

And special thanks to all of the Crush Crew Members who learned, sweated, lifted and bucketed, but most of all had a great time.

Listen to The Tribe

  • The owners are fantastic! It is a great place to stop in for a glass (or two) of great wine, relax with friends, or just shake off the day. – Susie W.
  • It is a very intimate setting with fantastic Proprietors! The homemade wines are delicious! Worth the drive from any location. This is my favorite Urban Winery – Ramon B.
  • The owners are great, have a passion for wine and the wine is fantastic! – Josiah E.
  • Great wines! Relaxing atmosphere, hidden gem in Carmel Mountain Ranch. – Lisa M.
  • We love Koi Zen!!! – David A.
  • The owners use their critical thinking skills to educate the customer in a very relaxed atmosphere in a variety of ways. They continue to develop their winery with the latest and greatest ideas they create in the urban wine industry. It’s time for them to compete on an international level! – Jerome K.
  • Hidden treasure (both the winery and the owners)! – Maggie C.
  • Koi Zen is a very relaxing and welcoming urban winery. The wine is delicious. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to watch the wine making process in the barrel room and see the wine press operate up close. Take advantage of the wine tasting specials 2 for 1 and attend some of the special events. – Kim K.
  • You don’t go there for just a glass of wine, you go there to have a glass of wine with a friend. – Larry L.
  • Great wine, great owners! – Joe K.
  • They are great at creating community with all they do to reach out to the public. – Adele F.
  • Great people who know how to share their lovely wine in a comfortable atmosphere. – Joan T.
  • Great wine tasting. Highly recommend – Daniel L.
  • Koi Zen winery is Poway best kept secret! It’s a perfect spot to meet friends for a fabulous glass of wine. Fantastic selection of wines. Darius and Lisa are wonderful people. Great place for a date night too! Mike & Laura Songer “Poway” – Laura S.
  • Great wine in a friendly atmosphere featuring local artists. What more could you ask for? – Jamie P.
  • Love the Pinot!! – Richard R.
  • Small, intimate setting; good wines; great owners–very personable and welcoming! – Sherry S.
  • The owners are so welcoming and this place really does have Zen!! It is so easy to swing by for a glass of wine no matter what you are dressed like! It relaxes you and off you go, just that much better than you were before! – Barbara P.
  • Conscious Wine and People – John B.
  • A hidden gem in Rancho Bernardo! The wine is fantastic! Made from grapes all over the best locations around CA, and the price is incredible! You will get to meet the owners and they are such great people! The atmosphere is always good, and they have live music quite a bit. – Peter Z.
  • The wine is amazing. Darius and Lisa treat us like family every time we come in. They are true professionals and know their craft. The urban winery is a great concept. Great hidden gem in San Diego. I’m sure once they outgrow this space, they will create the same ambiance in a bigger location. Cheers! – Michael L.
  • Delicious wine, great people… and depending on where you commute, it could be a nice stop on the way home! – Elana Y.
  • The flavors of each wine bottle I taste is incredible! Lisa and Darius are such nice people. They always make me feel so welcomed. I love Koi Zen Cellars. I highly recommend this place! – Lyn F.
  • Great wines and people – Ben W.
  • Koi Zen has a very relaxing and peaceful environment. Plus, it is right here in San Diego! The owners are very nice and they make you feel welcome. Check it out!!! – Kevin G.
  • It is like coming home for a glass of wine and not having to pour it. The atmosphere is beautiful, homey and just the place you want to be. We feel so lucky that we found such a close urban winery next to our home. – Annmarie W.
  • Darius and Lisa make you feel so welcome and truly have a passion for the art of making wine. Who knew you could find such a great winery in an industrial park?!? We love Koi Zen! – Amanda K.
  • Koi Zen Cellars is a gem of a place – please don’t let the location deter you! The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed, and so are the owners who are happy to share their knowledge and passion for wine! They have fun events too so check out their website for details. All this and the wine is excellent too! – Christy R.
  • Friendly, warm atmosphere. The owners are great people. – Kasam L.
  • A very quaint and relaxing wine cellar. The owners are very friendly, as are the customers. Just an all-round fun place to hang out and enjoy some really good wines! Go and experience it for yourself. – Fank D.
  • Great couple and really tasty wine! – Pinata S.
  • Great wines, friendly people – Philip T.
  • Koi Zen wines are amazing, and the winery is a relaxing, welcoming place. We love Koi Zen! – Brooke P.
  • It is such a relaxed atmosphere to sip some fantastic wines! – Susan E.
  • Great place to hang out with friends, try new things and learn a little bit about wine. Great relaxing space. – Darius M.
  • This is a very understated winery that has turned out some outstanding wine over the last couple of years. If you like what’s in your glass if you’re in their Tasting Room, your best choice is to buy a bottle or more before you leave. Some of their most popular wine might be gone (they only can make so much at a time) by the time you come back! Plus – Darius & Lisa are some of the most fun people to be around. Their love of their craft come through not just from the bottle they pour your wine from, but from just speaking with them about it. Don’t forget to ask how the label got it’s name – Robert M.
  • Amazing owners, delicious wines, and a relaxing atmosphere! – Kiersten M.
  • Koi Zen has fantastic wine, a great wine and amazing owners. I feel great supporting locals. They hosted an event for me that went perfect. – Devin C.