2014 Lake County Malbec

Malbec: 2014 Lake County CA

Our 2014 Malbec comes from grapes grown in the high elevations of Lake County which is north of Napa.

Clear Lake, the largest and oldest natural fresh water lake in California provides coastal like influences making this a lovely grape growing area with high elevation, hot days and cool nights.

The light nose of the wine invites one’s senses to explore and investigate while the medium tannin’s and low acids dance on the tongue with a clean finish.

This is not your typical Argentinian Malbec. Bright notes of sour cherries, cranberries and tart raspberry explode on the palate with memories of old fashioned candy stores filled with cotton candy and good times.

This playful, fun wine can be enjoyed anytime of year, but chilled a bit and served with summer fun, it is exceptional. Grab a bottle or two and share with friends over simple picnic foods of soft cheeses, fruit, light dried meats, good friends and great times. This wine has been very popular and will sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate too long.

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