Merlot - 20214 Russian River Valley

Merlot: 2014 Russian River Valley

Our Merlot is full bodied dry red wine that  hails  from the Russian River Valley can stand up against the deepest savory meal. The first sip is intense then as it opens up, it begins to show you its softer side that is packed with flavor, complexity and interest. The acidity keeps the dark  berry flavors alive on the palate while notes of  granite, minerals, dust  and floral scents of  lilac and lavender create intrigue.

Dark and opaque, this wine lures the senses into a long mysterious journey. The  tannins and structure  linger in the mouth  providing a long smooth satisfying finish. Lay this bottle down for a few years to soften the tannins and deepen the complexity, or pop a bottle open today and visit the wild side.

This wine is selling out fast so you better act quickly if you want to sample this unique offering.

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