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Our Values
what we believe in (i.e. what we give a crap about)

Being Responsible

We strive to treat you like family, through respect, consideration, education and being non-wasteful in all areas of our lives.


To create a safe environment to unwind and relax in a welcoming calm place and get away from daily stresses.


To support our community and to build a tribe of like-minded people by providing a place to meet, learn, explore and grow.

"Uncork, Sip Back and Relax"
There is ALWAYS something going on at KZ

Wine Club

Fish Swimming



What We Do


“Wine starts in the vineyard” We don’t grow the grapes; professionally managed growers do that for us. This allows us to buy the best fruit from the best growers in the best regions across California.  We carefully transport the grape clusters to the winery where we turn fresh fruit into award winning wines.


“Try before you buy” You can’t go wrong buying quality wine, but it is always fun to try it first. Our staff is trained to share our wines with you and help you better understand what you enjoy in a wine. Need a little help to pair your wines? Your staff is there to help you out.


“Building a Community through Service” At Koi Zen, we are always hosting some form of event – whether it is a Fundraiser, a Charity, a Meet-Up, a Party or a Class. Our large tasting room holds over 100 people and it a great place to “gather the peeps” for some well deserved R&R. Hang out in some comfy couches and chairs or gather around a table and have some snacks.  


The scientist debate on the merits of wine, but I do know that hanging out with friends is really good for everyone. Socializing reduces stress, reduces blood pressure, increases smiles and forms real bonds between people. In a world so “connected” and “plugged in”, why do so many people feel isolated and have low self-esteem, maybe because the interweb isolates people, but Koi Zen Cellars brings people together.

The Zen Team

Lisa Miller

"He makes the wine, she does everything else"

COO & Mom


isa is the heart behind Koi Zen Cellars.  Her passion is to create an exceptional experience for (more…)

Darius Miller Headshot

Darius Miller

Stress will KILL you, relax....

Zen Winemaker


arius has always been an entrepreneur starting at the young age of 7 when he started (more…)

Jon Bunting Headshot

Jon Bunting

Professional "taster"

Jon the Somm


on grew up in Alpine CA and left for the Army right after high school where he served with (more…)

Cat Briggs Headshot

Cat Briggs




at grew up in Salt Lake City, where she went to college at the University of Utah. After graduating she moved to Boston (more…)

Steve Briggs

Assistant Winemaker


few months after the winery opened, Steve wondered in for a tasting; he had just come from working out a few doors down. I (more…)

Marijo Clemons

Assistant Winemaker

arijo is also a mother of twin girls, just like us and has known Lisa for a long time. I don’t remember exactly when but Marijo started (more…)

Darryl Stanley

Associate Winemaker

arryl came into the winery a few months after we first opened. He admits to passing by the winery form months scared to come in. He was (more…)

Kiersten, Miranda & Saddie

My 3 Girls

ur twin daughters are still a big part of our lives and the winery even though they are now off “adulting”. They have their “big girl” (more…)

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