Our Wine Clubs

Opening a good bottle of wine is not a luxury, it is a simple pleasure you can enjoy throughout life. Though life can be complicated and busy, finding the time to go to the store, staring at a myriad of bottle labels and hoping to select a good one is stressful. We get it, we live it also, but when that box of wine arrives from one of my wine clubs, my day always gets a little brighter, hopefully. Because in many wine clubs, you get what you get, and sometimes it is what others don’t want – but not at Koi Zen Cellars.

Our members get first dibs on everything: wine, activities, events, and specials. We hand-select only the best wines to share with you and hope you share them with others. If you ever want to exchange them, no problem at all. You can feel confident in your shipment because we have a long track record of scoring exceptionally well in wine competitions.

When you become a Member, you become part of our growing family and we will always treat you with honesty and courtesy. If you are unsatisfied, we will gladly work as hard as we can to resolve any issue, just as any good friend would do.

Becoming a member is also no risk since it is FREE to join and you can cancel anytime, we ask you to give us a try for a few shipments just to be sure. And if there is ever a problem, and yes – sometimes a bottle of hand-crafted wine is not quite up to our level of excellence – we will gladly replace it for you.

Joining is easy, the only hard part is figuring out how to best enjoy your shipments.