Koi Zen Cellars has given back over $50,000 to the local community!

As a brick and mortar business within Southern California, we believe in giving back to the community with the products that we produce and are dedicated to supporting our community with collaborative efforts, education, partnerships, and charitable donations. We have edited this now due to COVID-19 Here is how we can help your organization.

Virtual Wine Tasting Fundraiser

If you represent a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) organization and would like to have a “VIRTUAL WINE TASTING FUNDRAISER”  we’d be happy to help. Here is how it works:

  1. The organization will sell tickets for  $40 (suggested). This includes 1 Koi Zen Cellars Wine Tasting Kit (5- 2 oz bottles of wine – its the equivalent of 2 glasses), a package of breadsticks,  one chocolate, tasting notes, and a 60-minute presentation by Koi Zen Cellars Winemaker or Sommelier.
  2. Fundraiser event tickets are created by Koi Zen Cellars and guests register and pay through the Koi Zen Cellars website (a custom event link will be provided).
  3. The tasting kits are delivered to one location for distribution or may be picked up at the winery during open hours.
  4. Koi Zen cellars will receive $20 +tax (total of $21.55 per kit) and the remainder of the ticket sales goes directly to the organization.
  5. Fundraiser guests will receive a unique code to be used for additional bottle sales valid for 1 week from the event date.  Koi Zen Cellars will donate to the organization 25% of all additional wine sales who use this code (minus tax and merchant fees)  for one week after the Virtual Event.
  6. Note: A minimum of 25 people is required to qualify


  • The organization does not need to collect money,
  • The entire event is COVID-19 Safe,
  • Koi Zen Cellars coordinates the entire event,
  • The educational program is engaging and top-notch lead by a wine expert,
  • The organization is paid promptly within 2 weeks after the hosted event.
  • Koi Zen Cellars does all the work – your organization benefits.

Making Your Event a Success:

While Koi Zen Cellars does all of the coordination and logistics, It is the ORGANIZATIONS responsibility to promote, excite, and get as many people as possible to register for the event. The more registrants, the more money back to the organization. We recommend advertising the event a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event and sending our reminders a minimum of every week.

Direct Wine Donations:

Due to the California Alcohol Beverage Control rules and regulations, Koi Zen Cellars CANNOT donate gift certificates or merchandise for raffles or games of chance.

Other Options:

We receive a huge amount of requests for wine donations each week and our policy is to donate a Private Wine Tasting Package for 6-8 people at our Winery  (Currently outdoor seating only when applicable) which can be reserved at our tasting room. The package includes:

  • A printed certificate with an envelope describing the donation
  • A private tasting flight of 5 wines for a group of 6 people at the winery (COVID-19 Update ) these are only available on Sunday afternoons in our outdoor seating area) A wine education on the “Zen of Wine Tasting” during your flight
  • And a coupon for 10% off purchases that day
  • The total value is $275 and expires 6 months after receipt

If you would like to obtain this donation:

  • Please visit the winery during normal business hours
  • Provide a copy of your 5013C determination letter
  • Provide a printed description/flyer of the event or cause
  • The person picking up the donation, receiving and redeeming the donation must be at least 21 years of age.

Koi Zen Cellars will also sell qualifying organizations wine at wholesale prices which is 30% off retail. Due to the restrictions of our license, we are unable to pour wine for sale at your event, you must use a licensed caterer for that.

Please call the winery if you are interested in purchasing wine for your event.