Experience Award-Winning Wines At Home

Sample of a Wine Tasting Bottles

Each of our tasting kits has been packed with care and love providing you the best possible experience possible. We use a proprietary bottling method to ensure your tasting kit experience is fresh every time. In your kit we have included all of the essential items to have a great time.

In your kit you will find, 5 different Koi Zen Cellars handcrafted, small production wines each in a 2oz. bottle. A great size for you to explore these great tastes. Also includes a set of handouts that describe the wine, the “Zen Steps of Wine Tasting”, a link to a short video featuring the winemaker leading you through the Zen Steps of Wine tasting, some breadsticks, chocolate, and a whole lot of fun.

Safely Experience Tasting @ Home

Guided Tastings with a Koi Zen Expert

Virtually grab your friends, family, or co-workers and have a Koi Zen Cellars expert lead you through your wine tasting experience. This lively and educational experience lasts approximately 60 minutes and is designed for everyone from the novice to the expert to have fun sipping wine, pairing it with chocolate, and learning how to better taste wine. We can easily ship to most states across America and will organize the event for you. Just give us a call and we will coordinate all of the details. Add an expert host for $50.

Guided Tasting with the Zen Winemaker

Gather your group and jump online with The Zen Winemaker, Darius, co-owner and winemaker to lead you through your tasting experiences as he presents his “Zen Steps of Wine Tasting” sensory experience. This 60-90 minute gathering will allow you to ask the winemaker and get an inside perspective of the wine industry. And then stay with the our friends as long as you like. Book the Winemaker for $150.

Tasting Experience Preparation

Our wine tasting experiences are designed to satisfy the curiosity of both beginner wine drinkers and experts alike. Before the experience begins, we encourage you to:

Get Excited and become Mindful of the experience
Sit in a well lit location and have a sheet of white paper available, a pen also is recommended
Chill the white and rose wines 20 minutes prior to the class in the refrigerator.
Don’t be shy to ask questions – the only dumb question is one unasked.