2016 Ferrari

Check out our new Ferrari convertible! Our Ferrari is a manual corking machine made in Italy and yes it is called a Ferrari.

Over the last week we have been busy bottling our 2014 Malbec and 2014 Merlot. Since April of 2015, my poor corker which had corked over 7,000 bottles, finally gave up the ghost. There is a shaft that holds the bottle up tight to the top but it started slipping and the corks weren’t being inserted properly. Now we have a bunch of bottles with corks that have innies.

After taking it apart a few times, greasing it here and there and adjusting the jaws, it was decided that the poor old corker was terminal, so off to the store for a brand new 2016 Ferrari. It is shiny and blue with red trim.

Ferrari Convertable

Now this puppy screams!!!!

It can go from ZERO to CORKED in just a second!

You just have to watch the video to believe me.

Over the last week we have bottled 1200 bottles of 2014 Merlot and 2014 Malbec. We are sampling pre-releases of them now in the tasting room now, but we are awaiting label approval from the government and then need to wait for the printer before they are available for purchase.

Did you know that the Federal Government needs to approve all alcohol labels and they process over 150,000 labels per year? They look for accuracy, truth in advertising and making sure things aren’t misleading and that mandatory information is present. Depending upon their workload, it can take a few days to weeks for the approval to be completed. If there is a mistake, then you need to start over. But we can’t sent the labels to the printer before we have our COLA (Certificate of Label Approval)

We will be also bottling two more wines in the next few weeks. The first will be a Wine Club exclusive wine Lot #0216 and the second will probably be a Bordeaux style blend. This will be another 1200+ bottles so if you are in town, you might want to check them out!