Darius Miller

How and Why You Should Decant Your Wines

hen it comes to serving wine, there is nothing sexier than decanting. The pop of the cork, followed by the glug, glug, glug as you expertly pour the wine into a crystal decanter. Ruby rivulets streak the sides and splashes into the container. Then a deft and swift swirl and allow the wine to rest for sometimes hours – but why? Why do you, should you and how do you decant wine? Why do you decant wine? Wine is a…

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How Long Does a Bottle of Wine Last?

We get asked this question a LOT and the answer always is – ‘it depends.’ But, let’s start with the basics: How Long Does an UNOPENED bottle of wine last? Over 98% of all wine produced worldwide is ready to drink when you purchase the bottle. Some wines get better with age and others don’t. We tease – ‘If you keep a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck for a few years – it WON’T turn into 3 Buck Chuck.’ Wines…

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COVID-19 Response

Due to the current health order, all wine-drinking service is outside and available to order by the glass or bottle. Our seating is limited and reservations are recommended. Due to COVID-19 we ask all guest to practice the following safety protocols   Sanitize your hands at the hostess station prior to being seated. Masks are required on the property, except when seated at your table. No parties larger than 6 people. Please practice social distance. No mingling at other tables.…

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Wine Headache? Blame the Sulfites

Headache or Hangover? Many of us have been there, you wake up the next morning a little foggy with a headache – it must be the sulfites in that bottle of wine, right? Everyone says it – so it must be true – and the internet never lies. While it might make you feel better to blame the sulfites, it probably isn’t the case according to Frederick Freitag. He is the associate director of Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago and…

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A “Sticky” Problem – SOLVED

t Koi Zen Cellars, we are constantly trying to make the world a better place.  One way we can do this is to reduce our impact on Mother Nature by using sustainable practices such as our wines on tap (directly from the barrel) and refilling your clean empty wine bottles. However, we want to do even more. We are so excited to introduce our newest sustainability practice at Koi Zen. Together, we can accomplish our mission and make the world…

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How to PROPERLY Age Wine:

ne day you find a great Koi Zen Cellars wine that you just love and want to age it a little but you don’t know for how long until it peaks. All wine buyers face this issue but we have a proven solution. The worst thing you can do is to buy a great bottle of wine and hold on to it too long, waiting for that special occasion only to have the bottle not be up to par. Some…

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