A “Sticky” Problem – SOLVED


t Koi Zen Cellars, we are constantly trying to make the world a better place.  One way we can do this is to reduce our impact on Mother Nature by using sustainable practices such as our wines on tap (directly from the barrel) and refilling your clean empty wine bottles. However, we want to do even more.

We are so excited to introduce our newest sustainability practice at Koi Zen.

Together, we can accomplish our mission and make the world just a little bit better through the community, conservation, and sustainability.  Most importantly, one of our most significant consumable supplies in our winery is the use of oak barrels to flavor, age and store our wines. There is something magical about barrel-aged wine.  The tannins are smooth, the wine breathes and relaxes with subtle notes of vanilla, spice, and smoke integrated into the wine.

The problem with barrels is that they are not sustainable. New barrels only impart flavor for about 4 years. Besides, only about 3 barrels can be harvested from one 80-150 year old tree, therefore, in 4 years we use up a 100 year old tree – not ideal.

Being an engineer, I just love to solve problems like this. When wine is stored in a barrel, the wine soaks into the wood about 1/8th inch and can extract flavor. But what about the remaining 90% of the barrel? It goes to waste, but what if we could use it?

What if by looking at the problem a little differently, we can find a solution? Since the wine can only penetrate 1/8th of an inch in a barrel, instead of putting wine into the barrel, what if we put the barrel into the bottle?

We are proud to announce our unique Koi Zen Cellars Barrel-in-a-Bottle™ wines.

By floating a small oak stick within each bottle made from barrel staves toasted to specific levels, we can achieve the magic of a new barrel at a fraction of the resources.  Using our Barrel-in-a-Bottle™ technique, we can get the equivalent of 135 barrels out of the same tree that used to produce only 3 barrels. Sustainability achieved! 

Just think, with every bottle purchased, you are helping us in “making the world just a little bit better, one glass at a time.”

Koi Zen Cellars Barrel-in-a-Bottle™ wines have a direct secondary benefit to you. Choose whether you want a big oak style for those who can’t get enough of a bold, gold Chardonnay; a bit of oak for those who like a little something going on with their Chardonnay; or a non-oaked Chardonnay aged in stainless steel for those who crave a crisp, clean sipper.

Our introductory lineup includes Chardonnay and Baby B2

We are serving flights of all three styles of Chardonnay exclusively at Koi Zen Cellars. Join us each Friday through Sunday, so you can experience a unique way to taste and compare Chardonnay styles. 

Koi Zen Cellars Barrel-in-a-Bottle™ wines feature a floating oak stave right in the bottle. These wines make great dinner table statements or one-of-a-kind gifts for the Chardonnay lover or tree lover.

And for those who love our Baby B2, try the new Baby B2 Reserve – oaked-style featuring Barrel-in-a-Bottle™ (note, only 10 cases produced)!

We welcome your feedback on the Koi Zen Cellars Barrel-in-a-Bottle™ wines. Help us shape the future of other grape varietals using this conservation concept. 

So come in, uncork, sip back and relax with us.