ast night we hosted the Rancho Bernardo Business Association which drew a large crowd of business owners from the local community. Many of the business owners didn’t know about us even though we are in the same community, but now they are part of our community. Our community has grown.

After the event, I was sitting next to the pond with a glass of wine thinking about the community surrounding Koi Zen and began to ponder the community surrounding my glass of wine.

There is the obvious, like me and the Crush Crew who bottled it; but what about the person who molded the bottle, or harvested the corks? What about the truck driver to deliver all of the supplies? What about the person who designed the machine to mold the glass or the heavy equipment operator who scooped up the sand for the glass. Who planted the grapes, tilled the soil or made the irrigation pipes. Who thought of planting the vineyard, and who paid for it. Who printed the money or cashed the checks. The interactions and dependencies go on and on. It might have taken millions of people to allow me to sip my wine.  We are all connected.

When you think about it, we are actually all related no matter what we do or who we know; sometimes we don’t even know how our actions impact the lives of others; hopefully for the better. I hope one day we will all realize this and learn how to play nice, especially in these trying times.

We feel blessed that you are part of our little or big community depending upon how you look at it. We are humbled and honored to get to know you and be part of your lives. I wish more people could be part of our little community and ask for your help at getting the word out.

Next time you are in the winey (like Wine Club Pickup this Sunday), take a selfie or a picture and post it on social media and tag us with #KoiZenCellars. It would be greatly appreciated. Let’s join communities and become something bigger and better together.