was in the winery a few weeks ago and there were two ladies sitting apart enjoying a glass of wine while distracted on their phones. They were only a few feet apart, though miles and miles away in thought. At Koi Zen, we are all about being mindful, so I said, “put down your phones and talk to each other”. They were startled at first, but began talking and soon became good friends, sharing meals, conversations, life experiences, dreams, and aspirations.

This is what happens at Koi Zen Cellars; people meet old friends and new friends. New connections are made and old connections are rediscovered every day. This is the social fuel we foster in the tasting room.

A few days ago, one lady said that she NEVER went anywhere by herself EXCEPT to Koi Zen. She shared that she feels safe and connected (and hopefully likes the wine). A few weeks ago, two couples met while tasting, as it turns out they had been living a few doors apart for years and had never met; well now they have and have become friends sharing barbeque parties together.

Not only do people meet others at Koi Zen, but you also become part of our lives. You become part of our story and hopefully, we become part of yours. Some of you have only been at Koi Zen once, and others frequent often. Some of you have become part of our Wine Club and part of our family. We honor and appreciate your support, so …. Thank You. We are so very humbled by this.

Every day is a new opportunity to connect and become something bigger than yourself, please take that opportunity; you may re-discover that it feels good to be connected at a physical level more than on a digital level.

People have become friends at Koi Zen. People have started dating at Koi Zen. People have celebrated birthdays, engagements, marriages and reunions at Koi Zen. We have celebrated new jobs, business connections, recruitments, and retirements. We have celebrated births and deaths at Koi Zen. And the thing that is common to all of this is YOU and sharing YOUR lives with others and with us.

And for that, we thank you.