How to PROPERLY Age Wine:


ne day you find a great Koi Zen Cellars wine that you just love and want to age it a little but you don’t know for how long until it peaks. All wine buyers face this issue but we have a proven solution.

The worst thing you can do is to buy a great bottle of wine and hold on to it too long, waiting for that special occasion only to have the bottle not be up to par. Some people would actually call this Alcohol Abuse (keeping it too long and not enjoying it at its peak – i.e. wasting it and wasting your money). But opening it is a gamble – unless you use our methodology listed below.

But how long can you, should you, want to, need to age your wines?

The answer is complicated and almost impossible to figure out except there is a sure fire, proven, fool proof methodology that you can always use to:

  • Drink the wine at its optimal point,
  • Not waste money with “tired” wines,
  • Never have to worry about having that “special” bottle not be so special,
  • And to have the piece of mind that your “gift” will be spot on.

What is this PROVEN method and why does it work so well…..

We call it the Koi Zen Wine Purchase Strategy and Flavor Maximizer (or Just Do It for short)

This is how it works in 3 easy – super easy steps – brain dead easy steps

  • Click HERE and buy 24 bottles each of your favorite Koi Zen Cellars varietals – and get a discount as a bonus.
  • Open one bottle every 3 months and note how it is maturing – take notes, enjoy it and nurture it.
  • When it peaks – invite all your friends over and party on, give it as a gift, or enjoy by yourself responsibly.

Using this methodology, you will ALWAYS be the star of the party and NEVER have to worry.

To celebrate National Cabernet Sauvignon day August 30, 2019, we are offering an extra 10% (on top of club discounts) using the code CABME! on case purchases till 8/31/2019.

Click HERE and never worry about drinking too young or too old wine again – ever.