Pre Grand Opening

Hi All:

Photography Update:

Even though the studio has been completely transformed into an Urban Winery, we are still shooting photo sessions. Photoshoots on location is the way to go this time of year and the beach has been very popular. Time slots are very limited due to our new schedule, so please contact Lisa K (858.673.3630) to book your session quickly, especially if you have a tight schedule. We are also shooting headshots in the newly renovated winery early in the day (8:00-12:00) before we open for classes and tastings. This is perfect for business people and people on the go.

Grand Opening Update:

grand_opening1If you didn’t know, April 24, 2015 is our Grand Opening and week of events. Please check out the website for up-to-date events and class schedules.

We are trying to have different events each day so pick some dates and drop in to see what we have to offer. If you are not a wine drinker, then please pass this on to your friends who are wine enthusiasts. We are offering specials for the months of April and May, 2015 so there is no possible excuse for not stopping by! Heck, we are even giving away Two-For-One tasting cards (get them here) and there are extra perks for signing up to be part of the Founders Wine Club. This is NEW. Ask us for details when you stop by.

Grand Opening Tickets:

Please don’t think that you need a ticket to attend our Grand Opening on April 24th. You don’t. Remember, we aren’t stuffy around here, heck, you don’t even need an invitation so tell all of your friends. But, you can go to our website and download your own Two-For-One Tasting Card here. This is the perfect reason to grab someone else and come on over.

Construction Update:

20150329_170359 20150328_132009 - Copy 20150324_175638 20150317_151537 - Copy 20150326_133725 20150321_174258

This has been one crazy, crazy project. Luckily there haven’t been too many major glitches, but OMG so many minor glitches, enough to make your head spin, like ours are spinning. It has been a few years since we have taken on a project of this magnitude and I guess our age is catching up with us. What used to be “no problem”, is now a, “let’s take a break”. But, the place is looking fantastic and I just can’t wait for you to see the finishing touches.

For those not following us on Facebook and following our daily updates, a lot has happened since the last newsletter. We finished the painting, floor, lights, bar, tile and kitchen. The tables, chairs, couches, Zen gardens, glasses, openers, towels, sweepers, wine wipes, chachkies have all been ordered and we are waiting for delivery. You will love the chachkies!!!

This week, the final (final being a relative kind of Zen term, meaning more like essential) construction projects will be happening; granite countertops, bar lighting and electric will be installed, HVAC ducting should be installed. We will finally get our gorgeous bathroom sink installed, our huge wall mural will be placed and signage erected. This doesn’t even include all of the marketing activities that need to happen. WOW lots of stuff going on.

Wine Update:

It’s funny thinking about the difference between a wine consumer and a wine producer. As a consumer, you might go to the local grocery story and stock up on a few bottles, or even go for six to get a good discount. But as a producer: how about ordering and unloading 4000 corks that weight in at 140 pounds. Or buying three stacks of bottles where each stack contains over 1000 bottles and is 4 X 4 X 7 feet tall and needs a forklift to move. “Would you like help to your car, Sir?”. “Why Yes I would, thanks”, as you smile at the friendly bagger.

20150410_120553 20150407_133526 20150412_140711 20150412_181620 20150411_124925 - Copy 20150411_111502

On Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12 we bottled our first 2204 bottles of wine. We had a great crew of people and a special thanks to my parents Jim and Barbara Miller, friends Kevin and Barbra Gunning and Nina Burkhart, and of course my wonderful wife, Lisa K. We kicked butt, drank some wine, worked hard and had a great time. We had de-casers, bottle fillers, corkers, capsule put-ter on-ers, capsule spinners, re-casers and stackers. Everyone was cross-trained and we got the job done! I can’t express enough gratitude for the support on our maiden voyage. You have to check out the construction videos here and bottling videos here.

Events and Classes:

You may or may not know this, but both Lisa and I are both formally trained educators (Lisa was a Home Economics Teacher and I was a Shop Teacher) in our former lives. Lisa worked for five-to-six years in a High School and I was a substitute teacher for a year and then bailed out. Education and training are still close to our hearts. We will be offering extensive classes from how to sip wine through advanced wine making techniques. Please be sure to check out the class schedule and get yourselves registered. Can you think of a better excuse not to hang out with your friends, drink wine and learn something new? During the opening week, we will be offering the 5 S’s of Wine class for FREE. You get to learn how to See, Smell, Swirl, Sip and Savor each and every glass of wine like a PRO. Check out the website for dates and time.

Attention Local Artists:

Lisa is an artist and we both appreciate local artists and our walls are open for your gallery showing, just contact us to get your showing scheduled. Time and space is obviously limited so first come, first served. You better move quickly or possibly wait a long time.


Darius and Lisa K