Sad Times and Sad People

On Monday, Lisa was opening the winery for a yoga class and discovered that the winery had been broken into. The window next to the front door had been smashed and there was glass all over the floor. She called me immediately called me and I raced over with my heart in my throat.


We looked around and tried to figure out what happened while we waited for the police to arrive. The damage was not too bad and on first glance, nothing seemed to be missing. There were TVs, iPads and tons of wine all over the place, but nothing appeared to be missing.


We then started playing CSI and started watching the surveillance tapes.  Sunday evening at 9:31 pm, a man broke the window, crawled through and then searched behind each bar looking for something, presumably cash. We don’t keep cash at the winery, so nothing was lost except for a jewelry display which he grabbed last moment before he scurried out of the same rat hole he entered from.


He was dressed in a light sweatshirt, a hat, a mask, and sunglasses. Completely covered up; I guess he wanted to hide from such a disrespectful act while demonstrating his poor character.


In this world, there are givers and there are takers. The givers build up the society, the takers take advantage of others while bringing the society down. Buddha talked a lot about Karma and how good acts elevate the spirit of the person, while bad acts bring you down; Karma ALWAYS wins.


I feel sorry for this masked burglar. He has no pride, no honor, no guts, and no booty. He has caused harm to others and himself. His actions will be avenged by karma and there is no one to blame except his own poor self. I firmly believe that one day Karma will come visit him, and she can be a bitch.


I hope one day this man realizes the damage he has done and changes his ways, to build people up opposed to bringing them down. To rise above and to be proud of one’s accomplishment and to always demonstrate good character. I wish this for all souls, may we always try to be just a little bit better than the day before and to choose to be a giver versus a taker.