The Fly


sit by the pond meditating.

My body is relaxed, breathing is smooth and easy.

I feel the rise and fall of each breath.

My spine is straight and supple – I am grounded.

I hear the waterfall, the song of birds, the cars go by without comment.

I smell the incense and the earthiness of the pond without judgment.

My mind is still, reflective, calm and serene.


A fly lands on my nose.


My body tenses, my mind whirls – “Oh, please go away”.

I feel the little feet prance across my nose – my body revolts. My nose twitches.

“Why, why are you interrupting my peace?”

Now I am unfocused and frayed.

 “I was so calm and now I am not, you ruined everything”; the fly walks.

I get upset. I get angry.


I gently brush the fly away.

My mind calms, the body stills.


Wishing, blaming, worrying, and getting angry solves few problems.