Time to Make the Donuts


ast night Lisa and I got up at 5:00 am and watched the Super Blue Blood Moon which was really cool. This TRIFECTA occurrence of a Super Moon – closes orbit to earth; Blue Moon – second full moon in a month and a Blood Moon – total eclipse only happens about every 145 years.

So this is the only time any living person on earth will or has ever seen it; pretty cool but wait, there’s more.

Also last week, Lisa and I went the see Daymond John, Shark Tank Celebrity, speak at the North County Chamber of Commerce. He is an animal lover and friends with the CEO of PETCO who serves on the Chamber Board.

Daymond’s talk was based upon his new book called RISE and GRIND. Lisa and I both received a signed copy and we will share it with you if you want to borrow it; it is a good read that explores other people’s approach to work, life, success, happiness, and balance. The book is packed with inspiration and tactics with a common thread.

There were two quotes that stood out to me in the book. The first was by Daymond’s mother who said: “Time is going to go by anyway, might as well be productive.”

The other was, “Time to make the donuts” which was the signature motto for Dunkin’ Donuts from 1981 to 1997. There are a gazillion of DD commercials but here is a good one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2AGc70Eq9k

The premise is to keep moving forward in whatever you do, whatever you aspire to or whatever your goals are. The problem is, this approach can turn into a GRIND – But here is a trick you can use.

Just as Lisa and I watched the Super Blue Blood Moon in the early morning, an event that will never happen again in our lifetime:

Today, look in the mirror and reflect, “This moment in time will NEVER happen again. This unique moment will pass by forever.” It is your choice how you spend it.

As Daymond’s mom would say: “Might as well be productive.”

Hope you achieve all that you desire and hope to see you soon in the winery.