Winery Construction – The Transformation of a Photography Studio

Update – Winery Construction Efforts:

This is an update on the winery construction project that we have started.

We hope all is well with you as we move into spring. The days are getting longer and warmer at least in San Diego; we are hitting the 90’s and the blooming Jasmine fills the night air with a sweet fragrance. I heard the east coast is getting snow today. Now that stinks!

License Update

TTB LogoAs you probably have heard, we are a fully Licensed 02 Winery according to the state of California and a Permitted Wine producer/blender in the eyes of the federal government. Technically, California calls an 02 winery license a “winegrowers” license. I find that word interesting; how does one “grow wine”?
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CA ABC LogoThese two licenses allow us to legally ferment grapes into wine, blend, cellar/age and bottle wine. It also legally allows us to sell our wine in licensed stores/restaurants, bars, wine wholesalers and of course, directly to you. The tasting room will allow you to sample our wines, buy a glass or two and take a few bottles home. We will also be offering lots of other fun activities, so check out our website here.

Fun Fact:

Alcohol Prohibition

The government allows each person of legal age to make 100 gallons of wine per year or 200 gallons per household if there are two or more legal adults. This law existed even during Prohibition (1920-1933) which helped keep the wine industry in Napa Valley alive. Now, if your grandparents made “bathtub gin” they were breaking

the law. Even today is it illegal in EVERY state to distill alcohol without a license.

Winery Construction Update:

Winery Construction of the Tastng Room: Wall Demolition

OMG, are we crazy or what? (Please don’t answer this question.)

Over the last few weeks we have moved Photography by Lisa K back to our home and completely gutted the studio space. We can’t believe how much time and energy was exerted to remove all of the stuff we didn’t want in there. In one day, we filled a 15 yard ( 4’ x 8’ x 16’ )dumpster with stuff; ceiling tiles, grids, walls, carpet, electrical, ducts, vents, lights, insulation, a few unknown items, cabinets and mirrors to name only a few items. And then we collapsed in exhaustion.

Removing Rear WindowsLisa NappingNow that the space is a “blank slate” we can start the transformation process. The ceiling has been painted twice (don’t ask), the bathroom and kitchen floor were tiled, the bathroom

walls were tiled, we relocated the electric lights, installed kitchen cabinets and plumbing, and removed a 10’ x 12’ plate glass window to expose the roll-up door.

During Winery Construction - Photography by Lisa K Studio Demolition and Conversion

Prior to Winery Construction - Photography By Lisa K Studio Image


Darius and Lisa K.