You are NOT You


ver the last few months I have put on some weight, well maybe more that some. I could blame it on the wine, but it probably isn’t the wine – probably too many snacks and eating poorly.

Recently my weight started bugging me and I decided that I have to do something about it. They say you have to own up to your actions and take responsibility for your diet and exercise, but it would be so much easier to blame something else right?

Well, maybe you can.

Based on current studies, you are only about 43% human – the rest of you is NOT you – not even close to being you.

57% of what you call YOU is NOT you but consists of foreign microbe colonists (now don’t get grossed out) that live within and on you. Regardless of how much you shower and wash your hands over half of your body weight consists of uninvited guests hanging out for the ride.

So, I am not overweight – my microcolonies are overweight!

Blame it on them and not my bad habits.

Oh, so easy and for the most part CORRECT!

You see, scientists have discovered that there are FAT microbes and SKINNY microbes that can live in our guts. They took human gut microbes from overweight humans and from underweight humans and introduced them into mice. What happened is amazing. The mice who received FAT microbes started to put on weight and the others lost weight. Proof – it is the microbes RIGHT?

Well yes and no; if you eat unhealthily or too much, the FAT microbe population increases and helps cause you to gain weight. On the other hand, reducing intake, exercise and eating healthy promotes the SKINNY microbe population helping you lose weight.

So in conclusion, always drink and eat responsibly.


FYI: A glass of wine contains about 125 Calories (beer is 180 to 200 calories). I think giving up the potato chips (1,217 calories per 8 oz bag) will get me to my goal faster than giving up my glass of wine. Hope to see you soon.