Petite Souris Fundraiser Southern California Ballet

Petite Souris Fundraiser: Swirl the glass like a twirling ballet dancer and watch the wine stain the glass with long legs and deep hues of utter lusciousness beckoning calls of desire. Let the aromas and esters expand within the glass creating allure and intrigue calling the senses to partake in this remarkable dance. The black liquorish notes, round full bodied textures and bold dark flavors of ripe blueberries and dark fruits match the intensity of the fight scene in the Nutcracker.  The pronounced tannins dance with beautifully balanced bright acids, keeping the wine rewarding, like the Nutcracker turning into the Prince and takes you on an enchanted Journey you will not soon forget.

Pair this wine with flavorful foods such as roasted meats and strong cheeses for a mouthwatering culinary experience.
Enjoy the bold side or lay the wine down for a few years to let it develop its rich bottle boutique for a smoother velvety
experience or enjoy it for the 30th Anniversary  of the Nutcracker.


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