2014 Lake County Malbec

Malbec: 2014 Lake County CA

Our 2014 Malbec comes from grapes grown in the high elevations of Lake County which is north of Napa. Clear Lake, the largest and oldest natural fresh water lake in California provides coastal like influences making this a lovely grape growing area with high elevation, hot days and cool nights. The light nose of the wine invites one’s senses to explore and investigate while the medium tannin’s and low acids dance on the tongue with a clean finish. This is…

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Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc: California 2013

This lovely light Sauvignon Blanc is a blend of cool and warm weather California grapes producing a very approachable wine which both intrigues and satisfies the palate. The light nose of fresh grass, pale straw and light citrus notes come from the grapes grown in a cool region that gives want to a  velvety burst of passion fruit, pineapple and lemon/ lime from the warm regions on the tongue. The refreshing acids dance  on the palate with other subtle hints…

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Merlot - 20214 Russian River Valley

Merlot: 2014 Russian River Valley

Our Merlot is full bodied dry red wine that  hails  from the Russian River Valley can stand up against the deepest savory meal. The first sip is intense then as it opens up, it begins to show you its softer side that is packed with flavor, complexity and interest. The acidity keeps the dark  berry flavors alive on the palate while notes of  granite, minerals, dust  and floral scents of  lilac and lavender create intrigue. Dark and opaque, this wine…

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon: Lodi 2013

This Cabernet Sauvignon is fresh and approachable medium bodied Cab. It has enough structure to stand on it’s own, but is soft enough not to be stuffy or pretentious. It has a pleasant balance of tannins and acid allowing it to pair with casual every day dishes such as BBQ chicken, a juicy burger or a slice of pizza. This wine is a great sipper or can be easily paired with food. This “go to” wine is lightly oaked and…

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Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah: Sierra Foothills 2014

Meet our biggest and most full bodied wine – Petite Sirah with grapes grown in the Sierra Foothills. The black liquorish notes combines with dark fruits invite one to explore the round full bodied textures and bold dark flavor of ripe blueberries and dark fruits. The pronounced tannins combine beautifully with bight acids, keeping the wine rewarding, unique and memorable. Pair this wine with flavorful foods such as BBQ, roasted meats and strong cheeses for a  mouthwatering culinary experience. Swirl…

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2013 Chardonnay

Our  California Chardonnay with its golden color and tree fruit aromas intrigue the eyes and nose while the smooth creamy texture fills the mouth with luscious ripe sweet nectarines, peaches, tangerines, and pears with just a kiss of  sweet. The acids combine wonderfully with the  residual sweetness and the light oak flavors  creating a wonderful balanced wine. The bright  lingering smooth finish reminds us to  slow down, and enjoy life.  You Want Me

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Petite Souris Fundraiser Southern California Ballet

Petite Souris Fundraiser: Swirl the glass like a twirling ballet dancer and watch the wine stain the glass with long legs and deep hues of utter lusciousness beckoning calls of desire. Let the aromas and esters expand within the glass creating allure and intrigue calling the senses to partake in this remarkable dance. The black liquorish notes, round full bodied textures and bold dark flavors of ripe blueberries and dark fruits match the intensity of the fight scene in the…

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