Over a Glass

Put Your Dreams to the Test – Over a Glass Series Eps 5

Do YOU have a dream, goal or aspiration? Do you work hard at obtaining your goals and dreams? But are your dreams, your dream? Or are they someone else’s dream? “Your grandfather and father were doctors, so you should be one too.” “Oh, you need a wife and raise kids, that’s what you are supposed to do.” These are not your dreams but someone’s dreams and following them might not lead you to happiness. But how do you know if…

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Benefits of Massage – Over a Glass Eps 4

Is Massage just a Luxury or are there Medical benefits of Regular Massages?   By: Rachel Zolot -Lead Massage Therapist Presented On: April 6th, 2017 We welcome Rachel Zolot who is the lead Massage Therapist at Massage Heights to provide her massage therapy expertise and to discuss why this isn’t a luxury item, but a foundational piece that should be part of everyone’s life. Massage can help us reduce stress, increase blood circulation, lengthen and stretch our muscles, calm the…

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Holiday Stress – Over A Glass Series Eps 3

“What, bedsides wine can help you though the stress of the holiday?” Paula Shaw, CADC, DCEP Presented December 1, 2016: 6:30-7:30 Let’s face it, the holidays do offer the opportunity for a joyous family time, but they are also exhausting and filled with gatherings that offer fertile soil for the revival of family drama, eating all the wrong foods, drinking too much alcohol and not getting enough sleep. And heaven help you if you have suffered some kind of loss and…

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The Other 23 – Over a Glass Series Eps 1

“The other 23: Simple Steps to living a Zen Life” LJ Eastmead of Infinitely Fit   [ap_dropcaps style=”ap-square”]I[/ap_dropcaps]n this episode, we invited LJ Eastmead to talk about how to live a more balanced and zen life. Suppose you go and workout for a good solid hour, but things just aren’t progressing. What’s the problem? Well as LJ suggests, maybe you are messing up the other 23 hours in the day. Enjoy this episode as LJ gives quick and simple tricks to…

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Mindfulness – Over a Glass Series Eps 2

 “Fully Present-The Science, Art and Practice of  Mindfulness” Dr. Devin A. Callahan   PSYD Founder & Licensed Clinical Psychologist  of Balance – Center for Mental Health and Wellness Come join us for this episode focused on being Mindfulness. Being mindful is all about living in the moment and recognizing the world free of attitudes, opinions, and judgments. It is a way to understand the world as it really is without all of the head clutter. Dr. Devin gives us specific easy…

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